Corporate Banking Predictions 2021

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Lending services will have to become better tailored to individual clients’ context and needs.

And better use of data will be essential to doing it.

This is the recurring theme from the Trade Ledger Corporate Banking Predictions 2021 report. We asked 14 industry experts for their views on 2021. They spoke about:

  • Removing friction from customer interactions
  • Delivering lending services which are better suited to business circumstances
  • Anticipating customers’ needs and delivering the funding they need exactly as they need it
  • Ecosystem-based business models
  • Embedded lending and banking as a service (BaaS)
The choice facing banks and lenders seems starker than ever as a result. Either stand still and fall increasingly short of the expectations of increasingly digitally native and demanding clients. Or embrace the power of digital technologies to deliver better customer service at scale.

-- Corporate Banking Predictions 2021 report

Download your copy today. Or get in touch to discuss what your lending business needs next.

"Providers who can offer empathy at the same time as delivering slick, technology-driven solutions that genuinely enhance the customer experience will become the real winners."

Thank you to the organisations that contributed to the report

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