End-to-end Lending Automation liberates you from mountains of paperwork and days of waiting

Credit & Fraud Risk Analytics Reimagined using digital data and machine learning

Delightful User Experience from every interaction designed with simplicity in mind

We are Trade Ledger the digital open banking platform

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Why Trade Ledger

For Lenders

A fully integrated set of lending processes are supported for:

  • Seamless customer experience
  • Flexible product design
  • Higher customer conversion rates
  • Reduced default and fraud risk
  • Higher lending yield with minimum operational cost

For Businesses

A variety of business cash flow needs are met via:

  • Total/single solution
  • Engaging and digital user experience
  • No/minimum paperwork
  • Speedy settlement
  • No intermediaries

Solutions underpinned by our platform

Invoice Lending

  • Supports occasional or discrete funding
  • Automates invoice purchase process
  • Suits lenders in micro-finance market

Receivables Finance

  • Supports long term line-of-credit products
  • Real-time analyses the risk of collaterals
  • Suits alternative lenders and banks

Supply Chain Finance

  • Supports high volume buyer-centric products
  • Facilitates multinational supply chain solutions
  • Suits structured trade partner programs

Awards & Certifications

What our customers say

Trade Ledger partners with institutional lenders

“Trade Ledger enables us to offer a secured global receivables financing solution unmatched in the market, and benefits our SMEs and Mid Market customers to leverage their domestic and export accounts receivables in a totally new way”
Ben James TradePlus24
“Trade Ledger provides valuable cash flow solutions that appeal to many of our accounting clients. Everyone has a need for simple, fast cash flow optimization in business.”
Lisa Callaghan Interactive Accounting
“Having a value added financial services provider like Trade Ledger that is a completely digital platform for funding, proved the value of invoice automation and speeds up the adoption of our infrastructure.”
Steve Capell Company Book

About Us

Trade Ledger Pty Ltd
Stone & Chalk, Level 4, 11 York Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000
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