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Embed, launch and scale next-gen cash flow products. Fast.

Regardless of the size, complexity, and financial strategies of a business, the Trade Ledger platform has been designed from the ground up to enable lenders to meet a businesses' cash flow needs:

Working Capital for Mid-Market & SMEs

Digital Receivables Finance, Asset Based Lending and Invoice Discounting products designed to quickly meet short-term cash flow needs.

Liquidity Optimisation for Large Corporates

Digital Receivables Finance designed to streamline and improve cash conversion cycles and enhance overall financial strategies.
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Case study

HSBC slashes time-to-cash from months to days

New online process cuts approval time for Receivables Finance (RF) customers from one-to-two months to under 48 hours with Trade Ledger technology.

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From personal banking to payments and FX - the customer experience has been completely transformed.

Businesses expect speed and simplicity when it comes to accessing finance - but the corporate lending industry is a decade behind.

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