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You won't find any jargon or pages of text talking about the problem. But what you will find is a lot of passion and actionable insights spread across 4 key themes:
Technology cost of ownership
Risk mitigation & compliance
Operational efficiencies
Loan book growth

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A jazzy front end, without a modern, agile tech stack behind it, will set you up to underdeliver on your promises.”
We could get a decision out the door in under an hour. That’s the size of the prize.”
In uncertain times, if you can’t make decisions quickly, you’re out of the game. Lenders that invest in data and technology will be able to balance speed and automation with good oversight and risk management.”
It’s time to make brave decisions. Some lenders are in danger of losing entire product categories. The priority– the bread-and-butter issue – will be creating a clear product and lending strategy.”
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